Yokohama gets the World No.1 title in CPPI (Container Port Productivity Index) 2020!

On May 5th, 2021, World Bank and IHS Markit reported that Port of Yokohama is at the top spot in the new global CPPI (Container Port Productivity Index).
According to the report, CPPI is an index describing the performance of a container port, its score calculated based on data such as vessel position (AIS), size of the vessel for the economic impact, efficiency of container handling, total time spent in the port including the waiting time when entering the port to the departure from the berth, making the efficiency ranking comparable around the globe.
There is a large disparity observed in global port efficiency, such as minutes per container move, where in top performing ports like Yokohama takes only 1.1 minutes in average while some other ports take more than three times that at 3.6 minutes, and this CPPI is developed to enable measuring and comparing the efficiency of container ports, which are all different in size and scale, based on a common standardized method.
Message from Shinya Hitomi, president & CEO
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