YMF2019 is now available on line

In celebrating the 160th anniversary of the port, Yokohama Kawasaki International Port Corporation(YKIP) organized Yokohama Maritime Forum(YMF) 2019 on October 23-24, 2019.
YMF2019 was to provide a platform to initiate discussions and inspire ideas among the world’s industries, with a focus on sustainability, diversity and harmonization of port and maritime industries which are critical components of our global future.
Highly respected representatives from the maritime industry including vessel owners and operators, port entities, maritime support services, LNG stakeholders, industrial associations, scholars and regulatory groups were invited to YMF2019, and intensive discussions that encompass the various aspects of the industry were made.
One year later, confronting all kinds of inconvenience caused by COVID-19, we would like to recall the memory of YMF2019 by sharing all video clips of the discussions and speeches. Whether you were with us on YMF2019 or not, you are welcome to listen to what those highly respected representatives in our industry have discussed and proposed.
URL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCueru1RAr527kEJIeLWKETA
(1) Opening Remarks, in celebration of 160th anniversary for Port of Yokohama
(2) Keynote Speech: A New Era for the Ports and Maritime Industry
(3) SESSION 1: Challenges for Maritime Industry
(4) SESSION 2: Empowering Women in Port and Maritime Industries
(5) Special Speech: IMO Regulations from Perspective of Industrial Associations
(6) SESSION 3: IMO Regulations from Perspective of Industrial Associations
(7) Keynote Speech: Digital Eco-system – Collaborating to create the New Order in Ports, Shipping and Supply Chain
(8) SESSION 4: Ports Perspectives
(9) SESSION 5: Clean Ocean and Governance
(10) SESSION 6: LNG as Marine Fuel and its Bunkering