YKIP visited Evergreen Line in Taiwan

YKIP delegation visited Evergreen Line headquarters in Taiwan on June 28, 2019.
The top management of Evergreen warmly welcomed YKIP delegation. Evergreen stressed the importance of Japanese market and Port of Yokohama for their liner network and appreciated the cooperation and assistance by YKIP.

From left to right: Winson Chen(Deputy Manager, Evergreen), Louis Wan (Deputy Junior Vice President, Evergreen), Sakura Kuma(Executive Director, YKIP), Masamichi Morooka(President & CEO, YKIP), Wilson Yeh (Deputy Senior Vice President, Evergreen), Shinsuke Ito (Vice President, YKIP), Ryoji Kudo (General Manager, YKIP)

Meanwhile, YKIP expressed its appreciation toward the long-standing friendship and business which Evergreen Line has brought to Port of Yokohama. YKIP also introduced the development plan of Port of Yokohama in general, as well as the coming event of YMF2019 in celebration of the 160th anniversary of the Port.
As of June 2019, Evergreen has 4 services directly calling port of Yokohama combining with multiple space charters. Its handling volume in Port of Yokohama has shown a sustainable trend of increase comparing with the last year.
Link: Evergreen Line (https://www.evergreen-line.com/)