Sakura Kuma, lectured on Environmental Initiatives and Diversity at IMLI

Titled as “The Environmental Initiatives at Ports Corresponding to IMO 2020 Global Sulphur Cap and Further Goals”, Sakura Kuma, the Executive Director of YKIP, lectured at International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) on February 6th, by invitation of Prof. David J. Attard, Director of IMLI.
IMLI, located at Malta, has been an international center for the training of specialists in maritime law under the auspices of the International Maritime Organization since 1988. It also contributes to the development and dissemination of knowledge and expertise in international maritime law, with special reference to the international regulations and procedures for safety and efficiency of shipping and the prevention of marine pollution.
Sakura Kuma received warm welcome from professors, staff as well as students of IMLI. In her lecture, she introduced environmental initiatives of Port of Yokohama, encouraged more cooperation among stakeholders of maritime community, especially emphasized the importance of it between ports and shipping industries.
Among over 40 students from 28 countries, half of them are female. The later part of her lecture extended to the topic of diversity due to the strong interests from the audience.
“I am deeply grateful for this excellent opportunity that kindly offered by IMLI, so that I could have shared some perspectives and knowledge based on my own career. Special thanks to the curiosity and interaction from the students, comparing to the value I brought to the IMLI students, the experience of IMLI was priceless to me.”, Sakura Kuma commented.

Warmly welcomed by the professors and staff at IMLI

Welcomed by students at IMLI

Together with Prof. David Attard and all members of IMLI

Sakura Kuma lectured at IMLI