YKIP Received JICA Delegation of Oversea Interns

YKIP received JICA delegation of oversea interns on Oct 16th, 2018. The interns are from 8 countries (randomly, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tajikistan, Malawi, Vietnam, Mexico, Vanuatu and Myanmar), all at public service with experience. Most of the interns are involved in foreign investment/trade promotion for their homeland.
Sakura Kuma, Executive Director of YKIP, welcomed the delegation and introduced port of Yokohama in general. Through the port tour on the sea, a lot of interaction and information were exchanged including some oversea investment opportunities related to port.
It seems the number of friends of Yokohama has just increased.

JICA delegation of oversea interns in Yokohama T-shirt (designed/produced by YKIP)