Audit Tool for LNG Bunkering Operator Now Free to Download

As part of the pursue of World Port Climate Initiative (WPCI) under the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), the LNG Working Group of IAPH was funded in order to develop worldwide standards for clean marine fuel supply beyond 2020.
Based on the believes that the safe use of LNG as a marine fuel contributes to reduce the impact of ports and shipping industry on air quality, the LNG Working Group has successfully developed the Audit tool which ensures that, at the front-end, the responsibilities of the bunker facility operator with respect to safe and sustainable operations are clearly defined and that careful consideration is given to the way LNG bunker operations who are organized by the port managing entities.
The Audit Tool can be downloaded freely from here:
This can be regarded as the first attempt in the world of the standard making for LNG Bunkering. The Audit Tool shall become the very important reference not only for the port authorities but also foe the LNG bunkering operators.
The members of LNG Working Group is formed by Port of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bremen/Bremenharven, Hamburg, Le Havre/ Rouen/ Paris, Marsell, Roterdam and Zeebrugee, Port of Los Angeles as well as Port of Yokohama(YKIP).
Participants at the July meeting in Bremerhaven also took the collective decision to broaden the scope of the Working Group to include Clean Marine Fuels (CMF) in recognition of fast-emerging fuel alternatives such as Methanol and Hydrogen.
Link: IAPH LNG Working Group